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POSsible! Weeks

In 2021, POSsible! Public Open Space Design Lab organised eight workshops of POSsible! Design Thinking Workshop Series 1, engaging users at all ages and needs, as well as operation staff of public open space (POS). Key pain-points on using and operating the six POS typologies in Hong Kong were identified in respect of United Nations Human Settlements Programme Quality Public Open Space Dimensions to form the Good Design-led Framework for POS in local context.

Build on momentum, the POSsible! Weeks to be held in August and September 2022 will bring together experts, design and management professionals in the field to collaborate, foster dialogue and inspire further action on reinventing POS in Hong Kong through design thinking. Six workshops will be held in Design Thinking Workshops Series 2, followed by POSsible! Symposium – POS Design, the flagship event of the project. The deepened exchange with local and international experts during the POSsible! Weeks will be synthesised to formulate the POSsible! Design Guide and POSsible! Design Thinking Toolkit. Focusing on how to facilitate engagement and actions among stakeholders throughout different stages, POSsible! Weeks catalyse communications among the three key stakeholders, namely the government, the industry and the public, to co-create sustainable POS development.


POSsible! Design Thinking Workshop Series 2

As a deepened extension of POSsible! Design Thinking Workshop Series 1, this workshop series aims to invite professionals, government officials, businesses, NGO representatives to test out the draft POSsible! Design Guide and POSsible! Design Thinking Toolkit through tackling simulated real world scenarios. Designed as six sessions of design “hack-a-thon” to be hosted by local and international experts, this workshop series serves as part of the peer-review process of the tools.

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POSsible! Symposium – POS Design

POSsible! Symposium – POS Design invites local and international speakers to share cases and bring in multidisciplinary insights on innovation for POS in Hong Kong.

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