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About POSsible!

POSsible! Public Open Space Design Lab is a cross-sectoral design empowerment initiative, enquiring into the innovation opportunities for reinventing Public Open Space (POS) in Hong Kong through design thinking.

This initiative aspires to design the future public space for high-density cities, conceiving a blueprint for sustainable development and improving liveability. A set of tailor-made design thinking toolkit and a design guide will be developed in accordance with the “Good Design-led Strategy” resulted from a participatory process for guiding sustainable POS development. This initiative is organised by Architectural Services Department with funding support from Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, with Hong Kong Design Centre as Design Thinking Advisor, and Neighbourhood Innovation Lab by Architecture Commons and One Bite Design Studio as Project Consultants.


Public open spaces (POS) is an integral part of our daily lives and relates to everyone in the community. This project encourages the adoption of design thinking in the POS development process, especially through engagement with various stakeholders, which is a key to designing innovative and diversified POS.


To promote the use of design thinking in designing POS for public and private development projects


To encourage various government departments and private developers of POS to adopt a design thinking approach for existing and future POS


To initiate public dialogue focusing on critical issues for future POS development, allowing relevant parties to generate timely responses


To bring various stakeholders together for exchanging ideas and innovate together


To promote awareness of the importance of social innovation and community engagement for POS


To develop the POSsible! Design Guide and POSsible! Design Thinking Toolkit through participatory approach as a framework for guiding sustainable POS development in light of the dynamic challenges ahead